Accounting Services


The effectiveness of financial statements is a key objective for every company. With increased focus on good corporate governance and regulatory compliance, effective control over financial issues has become critical to business performance.

We put themselves to provide creative solutions for you in full control of your company’s financial functions and help you reduce complexity by standardizing and simplifying the process. We provide comprehensive accounting services, including bookkeeping and reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on, the client’s needs. Further to this service, we can customize our reports to meet regional or headquarters needs for multinational companies.

In the implementation of professional duties as Accountant we are always ready to provide the best support to the Entrepreneurs in managing accounting and business finances in order to be used for the purposes of business decision making according to the needs of the Company. Support to Entrepreneurs we provide in the form of Accounting Services consisting of:

  1. Business Accounting Services Individual / Private Person
  2. Accounting Services Service Company
  3. Accounting Services of Trading Company
  4. Accounting Services Manufacturing Company / Factory
  5. Accounting Services Parent Company – Subsidiary / Center – Company Branch Company
  6. Management Accounting Services (Decision Making)


Supporting Staff Services Presentation of Financial Statements

  1. Financial Statement by business group / business
  2. General Financial Statements.


Transfer Pricing Documentation

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia has issued Regulation of the Minister of Finance no. 213 / PMK.03 / 2016 (PMK-213) on “Additional and / or Compulsory Information Types Saved by Taxpayers Transacting with Related Parties and Procedures”. The PMK-213 applies the documentation of transfer pricing documentation in accordance with the Organization of Action (EEC) Base Erosion and Assessment (OECD) 12 for the OECD Project.

Taxpayers are advised to consider immediate action measures to ensure compliance with PMK-213, including the creation of Master Files and their Local Files for fiscal year 2016, given the tight deadlines for preparation, and to consider the potential need to prepare country- Reports by Country (CbC).

  1. Main Files
  2. Local Files
  3. Cbc Report